Time for Christians to clean up politics

One of the strange objections I have heard to Christians getting involved is that politics is dirty. Let me give you a sample quote: Wayne House said, any “attempt to establish long-term change in institutions will only result in the leaven of humanism permeating Christianity.”…

In point of fact, a good chunk of the Old Testament is devoted to politics. Even some of the New Testament heroes involved themselves in politics. Luke 3:14 shows John the Baptist addressing numerous ethical issues with Herod. He was seeking to make politics clean. The Centurion, Zaccheus the Tax Collector, Sergius Paulus and others were involved as Christians in seeking to be salt and light in society.

And by the way, Matthew 5 says that if we aren’t salt and light, we are good for nothing but to be cast out and trampled under foot of men. That was imagery saying that if the church did not get out there and do something, the humanists would dominate. We would be under their feet; under their authority.

Of course politics is dirty – because the Christians have gotten out of it.

Quote source
Kayser, P. (2009). Getting Christians Back Into Politics. Biblical Blueprints, Omaha, pp. 2-3


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