Mothers killing their unborn, and themselves

​This is a crucial point, because it shows that progressive ideas benefit no one, and often do the most damage to the groups they’re designed to cater to. Another devastating example of this is the astronomically high suicide rate among post-abortive women. A woman who gets an abortion is six hundred times more likely to kill herself than a woman who gives birth.

Again, progressives will punt the responsibility for this staggering figure over to the other side, claiming that these women commit suicide because pro-lifers make them feel guilty and so on, but an honest person must recognize that there is something deeper at play here. When people live by the secular progressive values of our culture, all they find is misery and despair.

Quote source

Walsh, M. (2017). The Unholy Trinity: Blocking The Left’s Assault on Life,  Marriage and Gender [ebook]. Image, New York, p. 160


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