The failures of the prayer haters

The first salvo in this debate in recent times was fired by the then‐Leader of the Australian Democrats, Senator Lyn Allison, who moved for the abolition of parliamentary prayers in 2006. The motion was defeated without debate, with the Australian Labor Party and Coalition opposing it…

The issue soon faded from the public consciousness, and prayers seem to be firmly entrenched in the Australian federal parliament for the time being…

In October 2001, Greens MLC [Member of the Legislative Council] Lee Rhiannon moved to remove parliamentary prayer from the daily routine of the NSW [New South Wales] Upper House, replacing it with a time of quiet, personal reflection for members. The ALP, Liberals and Nationals all indicated that they would not support such a motion, and following debate, the Rhiannon motion was defeated, five votes to 31.

Prayers currently continue in both chambers of the New South Wales parliament.

Quote source

Hunter, I. (2010). “Parliament and Prayer” in fjhp, volume 26, 2010, pp. 31, 33-34. Available Last accessed 15th Jul 2017


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