God and the Bible are binding on all domains

First of all the Bible itself must be taught. If the Bible is what it says it is then knowledge of it is essential to life. The Bible undergirds the civilization we live in; it is the main spring of every facet of our culture….If the Bible is not central to education, to everyday life, [19th century atheist Max] Stirner’s logic [that consistent atheism requires one to disbelieve in the validity of any law] prevails.

The Bible, for us thus must be a part of the curriculum and we dare not teach it as [just] a devotional book or an inspiring book – it is an inspired book, it is not [just] inspiring.

What it tells us about our sin – it’s painful. What it tells us of the things we have left undone, we can think of better reading. When it gives us a catalog of sins that describe human nature, it can be very depressing reading. But it is God’s command word. It is his command word as us as individuals, as families, as churches, as schools. Also as workmen, as citizens.

The Bible is as binding upon the state as it is the church. God does not say the church is mine but the school and civil government and science and art and the vocations are secular, outside my province. Not so. All things are to be governed by the Lord, by his sovereign word. We must teach the Bible therefore as God’s command word.

Quote source

Rushdoony, R.J. (n.d.) The Bible in the Curriculum: A Separate Subject or Foundation for Each Subject http://file. Available http://www.pocketcollege.com/wiki/index.php?title=The_Bible_in_the_Curriculum:_A_Separate_Subject_or_Foundation_for_Each_Subject_-_RR158A2. Last accessed 14th May 2017


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