The coming erosion of irreligion in America

With the retirements of baby boomers and a decrease in the fertility rate, there will be more older Americans and fewer younger Americans in the future. Additionally, people tend to become more religious as they become older. Because of this, according to Frank Newport, editor in chief for Gallup, the increase in the average age of Americans will likely lead to an increase in the average religiosity of Americans…

Those who are more religious have a higher birth rate than those who are non-religious. Plus, the “retention rate” is lower for the non-religious than the religious. This means that someone who grew up in a secular household is more likely to reject their parents’ religious views and become religious than someone who grew up in a religious household will become secular. Over time, this “birth rate gap” means that Americans will, on average, become more religious over time…

Quote source

Nazworth, N. (2013). 3 Reasons America May Become More Religious. The Christian Post. Available Last accessed 1st May 2017.


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