The best American states for homeschooling

In an older post of mine, I said that if I moved to America, perhaps Texas was a good state to move to. But now I could add a few more states to the list:

Jim, of course, homeschooling laws vary considerably from state to state. Today, which are the states that are the easiest for homeschoolers to deal with?

Mike, I like to think of this as: which states are the most free?

The states that are the most free today are:

  • Oklahoma—which has an actual constitutional provision that guarantees the right to homeschooling
  • Indiana, Texas, and Illinois are all private school states in which parents don’t really have to have any contact with the state official.
  • New Jersey has always had a statute that allows parents to homeschool their kids and provide equivalent instruction to what they would get in the public school.
  • And Idaho has just an amazing law that has been crafted over many years of legislative improvement to where it’s virtually completely free in Idaho.
  • Jim, I know that Montana has a really good law.
  • Also, Virginia’s religious exemption, where it’s working properly, is a terrifically good law.

About a third of the states, I would say, are basically in the sector that you’ve just described.

Quote source

Farris, M. (2016). Where Are We Now? The State of Homeschool Laws [podcast]. Home School Legal Defense Association. Available Last accessed 1st May 2017


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