No clear boundary between religion and politics (as it should be)

This campaign [to allow Biblical instruction in government schools of Queensland in 1910] stemmed from religious belief and was expressed in both a religious and a political way. By being sensitive to the influence of personal belief on political actions, we can see that the Bible in state schools campaign was not merely a cynical political exercise where a church or churches sought more power. It was part of the mission of the Protestant churches to create God’s Kingdom on earth.

The Bible in State Schools issue demonstrates how Queensland’s politics of the time were intertwined with religious concerns and how Queensland’s churches were actively engaged in the politics of the State. This supports the assertions of Melissa Bellanta and Frank Borgiorno, both of whom argue that there was no clear boundary between religion and politics.

Quote source

Perkins, Y, (2010). Queensland’s Bible in State Schools Referendum 1910: A Case Study of Democracy. [BA thesis, University of Sydney], pp. 94-95


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