A case study in church-supported activism

The [Bible in State Schools] League …[launched] their campaign in churches on Sunday 30 January 1910. This was advertised in The Brisbane Courier [newspaper] as a ‘day of prayer for divine guidance for this movement’. Over three hundred and sixty clergymen were named in the advertisement as supporters of the day.

In a flyer printed by the League, the Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist and German Lutheran churches were listed as supporters of what was known as ‘Bible in State Schools Sunday’. Regarding this day, the religious newspaper, The Australian Christian World, stated, ‘[t]his will perhaps convince those who have regarded the movement as a political one that it is a religious movement, based on the highest principles’.

The Bible in State Schools Sunday featured two other elements of the League’s campaign: the use of sermons to promote their cause and prayer…

Rev. [D.J] Garland and the Bible in State Schools League achieved a remarkable result in their campaign for religious instruction and Bible reading in state schools by persuading a majority of voters to pass the Referendum.

Quote source

Perkins, Y, (2010). Queensland’s Bible in State Schools Referendum 1910: A Case Study of Democracy. [BA thesis, University of Sydney], pp. 25-26, 98


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