The people favoured religious instruction above all else

Another means by which Queenslanders participated in deciding whether religious instruction should be reintroduced in the state’s schools [back in 1910] was through letters to newspaper editors. Both the labour newspaper, The Worker, and The Brisbane Courier hosted lively debates about the subject on their letters pages.

In the month leading up to the Referendum The Brisbane Courier published over forty letters from readers on the subject. In the same period approximately twenty two letters were published on federal issues.

While The Brisbane Courier was in favour of the Bible in State Schools Referendum passing, it is clear that the editor believed that federal matters were of greater importance. The newspaper published far more articles on federal political matters than the religious instruction issue.

It published an eight page section called the ‘Federal Election Special’ five times during the month prior to the election. However, those readers who were inclined to write to the editor were clearly more concerned about the state referendum [concerning religious instruction].

[The referendum was won, and Biblical instruction went ahead]

Quote source

Perkins, Y, (2010). Queensland’s Bible in State Schools Referendum 1910: A Case Study of Democracy. [BA thesis, University of Sydney], pp. 32-33


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