Atheists using Biblical wisdom without realising

To create links to their personal experiences, I tell my students that as a child and a young woman I often heard my atheist grandmother use what I then thought was an old Russian adage that in my translation from Russian would be “A clever wife will put her husband on a throne whereas a stupid one will send him to the poor house”.

I liked this saying then and I like it now, but I never thought that it was actually from the Bible until I started using it for teaching and discovered that it is a paraphrase of Proverbs 12:4. If you ask students to come up with their own examples of what is often thought as folk wisdom but actually is a saying from a sacred text, the answers may be surprising. I have been surprised many times over.

Quote source

Henderson, N. (2014). ‘Should We Talk About God? Reflection on Whether and How we can Integrate Holy Texts in a Language Classroom‘ in Contact Magazine, Vol. 40(3), August 2014 p. 53


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