A Neo-Pagan’s heartwarming view of Christianity

According to “Irreverend Hugh”, an American Neo-Pagan:

One thing that bothers me is the fact that Neo-Pagans, and those who call themselves Wiccan in particular, are virulently anti-Christian. Even the supposedly more moderate Neo-Pagan elders (who should know better) have made statements to the effect that Neo-Paganism is going to replace Christianity. (Not a very diplomatic expression. Not even an expression that shows any of Neo-Paganism’s supposed open-mindedness.)…

But frankly, despite the wishful thinking of many people who have probably themselves escaped or left the Christianity of their parents, I find no evidence that Christianity is going to be replaced by anything closely resembling Neo-Paganism. Christianity is not even disappearing, though its influence on several Western European nations has waned considerably in the last hundred years.

Within American society, Christianity is stronger now than it has ever been since the founding of the nation.

Quote source

Irreverend Hugh (2014). The Greatest Neo-Pagan Conceit. Erin’s Journal. Available http://erinsjournal.com/the-greatest-neo-pagan-conceit. Last accessed 22nd Apr 2017.


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