State-endorsed Christianity in government schools

When people think of education in government schools, I think too many people are conditioned by the norms of the American judiciary i.e. an attitude of militant hostility towards Christianity in the classroom.

But in other countries, the situation is rather better. I reckon the average Joe tends not to think much about the British education system, but here’s an extract from Wikipedia:

Religion may have an influence on what goes on in state schools. For example, in the UK the Education Act 1944 introduced the requirement for daily prayers in all state-funded schools, but later acts changed this requirement to a daily “collective act of worship”, the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 being the most recent. This also requires such acts of worship to be “wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character”. The term “mainly” means that acts related to other faiths can be carried out providing the majority are Christian.

Quote source

Wikipedia (2017). Religion and Children. Available Last accessed 22nd Apr 2017.


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