Lord, make us holy and whole

I had a student who was applying for a Rhodes Scholarship a couple of years ago, and he tried to make a deal with God. He said, “God, you give me the Rhodes Scholarship and I’ll tell everyone I got it because of you.”

I remember saying, “I don’t think that is going to work.” He said, “Why not? What better way to make God look good than to make me a Rhodes scholar?”

Do you ever do something similar and say to God, “Lord, make me successful, make me happy, give me what I want.” That’s what the Palm Sunday crowds were saying, “Lord, do for us what we want and make us happy.”

But Jesus didn’t come to make us happy; He came to make us holy and whole. Now I know that if you’re like me you’re thinking, “Bummer, that’s too bad, I want to be happy.”

But trust me whole is better; it lasts longer, it’s more rewarding, and it’s more productive than happiness, which is fleeting. Jesus came to make us holy and whole—not what we expected.

Quote source

Ortberg, J. (2009). The Meaning of Holy Week. Jesus Central. Available http://jesuscentral.com/ji/historical-jesus/jesus-final_week.php. Last accessed 10th April 2017.


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