Men will be governed by the Bible, or by tyrants

God gives civil rulers power. That power can be used to punish evildoers or it can be used to oppress the godly. We need the godly exercise of power in the family, the church, and the state. It is not power as such that we fear, but ungodly power. George Washington observed that government is like fire.

When properly contained it can be a faithful servant. When not contained it becomes a fearful master. Civil government has become a fearful master not because government is in and of itself bad, but because we have moved away from the Biblical world-and-life view in regards to it.

One of our national political leaders of an earlier era stated that either men will be governed by the Bible or by tyrants. We need to restore the Biblical foundations.

Quote source

Thoburn, R.L. (1984). The Christian and Politics. 2nd edition. Thoburn Press, Tyler, pp. 53-54


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