Christian schools as a force against humanism

Then came the Christian school movement. Government school enrollments began to decline. There were many reasons. The humanists had been promoting abortion and the myth that the world was being overpopulated. So there just weren’t as many children around to attend the schools. With the Christians pulling their children out of the government schools right and left, the humanists really got frightened.

The teacher unions could count noses (even if some of their students couldn’t add and subtract anymore) and all they could see were declining enrollments. Declining enrollments mean closing schools and losing jobs. The teachers began to worry about job security.

Having alternative Christian schools around was a problem for the humanists in other ways. Parents now had a choice as to whether they would patronize the government schools or send their children to a Christian school. The Christian schools meant an opportunity for parents to compare the quality and the cost. With Christian schools operating at costs far below that of the government schools and producing superior results academically and otherwise, the humanists began to panic.

Quote source

Thoburn, R.L. (1984). The Christian and Politics. 2nd edition. Thoburn Press, Tyler, pp. 26-27


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