The tight link between political correctness and leftism

So there you have a baker’s dozen of politically incorrect statements…

Now what do they have in common in virtue of which they are all instances of political incorrectness? The most important common feature is that each opposes the contemporary liberal or leftist or ‘progressive’ worldview.

To be politically correct, then, is to support the leftist worldview and the leftist agenda. It follows that a conservative cannot be politically correct. P.C. comes from the C.P. The P.C. mentality is a successor form of the Communist mentality. To be politically correct is to toe the party line. It is to support leftist positions and tactics, including the suppression of the free speech rights of opponents.

Essential to leftism is the double standard. So while the politically correct insist on their own free speech rights, they deny them to their opponents, which is why they routinely shout them down.

Quote source

Vallicella, B. (2016). A Mistaken Definition of ‘Political Correctness’ and a ‘Correct’ Definition. Maverick Philosopher. AvailableĀ Last accessed 1st Jan 2017.


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