Christianity’s everlasting effect on hospitals

In 325, in addition to officially recognizing the Trinity as taught in the Scriptures, the Council of Nicaea made a ruling important in the history of hospitals. They decreed that hospitals were to be duly established wherever the Church was established.

I. Donald Snook Jr. writes: “Many of the great hospitals can be traced to the period directly following the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D., when the bishops of the church were instructed to go out into every cathedral city in Christendom and start a hospital…”

The oldest hospital in the New World still in existence today is the Jesus of Nazareth Hospital in Mexico City, established by [Governor Hernán] Cortez in 1524. Indeed, the Christian impact on health, especially in terms of caring for the sick, has been enormous.

Quote source

Kennedy, D.J. and Newcombe, J. (2001). What if Jesus Had Never Been Born? [ebook]. Thomas Nelson, Inc, Nashville. Locations 2506,2522.


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