The agnostic’s admission of Christian social progress

Following the example of Jesus Christ, the Great Physician, Christians have fueled some of the greatest humanitarian advances in medicine. Every once in a while, a skeptic will admit the positive effect of Christian faith in terms of helping people.

W. O. Saunders says this in American Magazine:

“Your agnostic is tremendously impressed by the power of your faith. He has seen drunkards and libertines and moral degenerates transfigured by it. He has seen the sick, the aged, the friendless comforted and sustained by it. And he is impressed by your wonderful charities your asylums, your hospitals, your nurseries, your schools; he must shamefacedly admit that agnostics, as such, have built few hospitals and few homes for the orphans.”

Quote source

Kennedy, D.J. and Newcombe, J. (2001). What if Jesus Had Never Been Born? [ebook]. Thomas Nelson, Inc, Nashville. Location 2696


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