Hillary Clinton’s lot in politics

Her concrete achievements are hard to name, which is why both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, at her Democratic National Convention, were reduced to describing her as an “agent of change,” and not the author of any particular accomplishment or significant legislation in the Senate.

For all her talk of working tirelessly for children, just three bills of hers were passed in eight years in the Senate. They were for name designations of a local post office, a portion of a highway and a historic site. As New Yorkers across the state are aware, her campaign promises to bring jobs and sorely needed economic growth to upstate amounted to nothing. She was not able to get a bill passed to help fund “government investment” in the region…

It is puzzling that so many of Clinton’s supporters seem indifferent to her unethical and illegal behavior. Living in denial, they insist that each instance in which she has been accused of lying, breaking laws set up to protect national security, letting large donations bend policy or failing massively with policy can be explained by accusing the imaginary “vast right-wing conspiracy” of persecution.

Quote source

Schiffren, L. (2016). The case against Hillary Clinton. NY Daily News. Available http://interactive.nydailynews.com/2016/11/op-ed-case-against-hillary-clinton/. Last accessed 11th Nov 2016.


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