Hammering back at leftist boycotts

Then there are boycotts that have had mixed results. After Chick-fil-A Chief Operating Officer Dan Cathy voiced his opposition to same-sex marriage, calls for a boycott were quickly followed by an appreciation day that led to record sales for the fast-food restaurant.

Quote source

Vargas, T. (2014). Mid-Atlantic United Church of Christ leaders vote to boycott Redskins games and gear. The Washington Post. Available https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/a-redskins-boycott-united-church-of-christ-leaders-are-about-to-vote-on-one/2014/06/13/575e56ca-f279-11e3-914c-1fbd0614e2d4_story.html. Last accessed 11th Nov 2016.


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