Humanist Manifesto II snookered by Lee Duigon

Humanists, in their manifesto, promise what they can never perform. Consider the goals listed in the Preface:

“Control our environment” — but Earth’s environment is largely affected by the behavior of the Sun, which is beyond our reach. Humanists also believe that the continents drift, clumping together, tearing apart, reconfiguring the flow of ocean currents. How do they propose to control that? With tugboats?

“Conquer poverty”? Our leaders have poured trillions of dollars into a “war on poverty,” yet constantly complain that poverty is still with us. Admitting that their efforts have failed, they can only recommend more of the same.

If by “poverty” we really mean economic inequality, then someone is always going to be in the bottom 20 percent — unless the government tries to level the field by radical, coercive redistribution of wealth, which we know from historical experience throttles economic growth and suppresses the creation of wealth…

How are all these humanist marvels to be achieved? Don’t ask. Put your blind faith in science and technology and in the wisdom of man without God, and all will be well…

The Humanist Manifesto II is a faith statement opposed to the Christian faith, in which man — sinful, fallible, and self-deluded — and the works of his hands are offered up as a replacement for God. Why we should continue to trust in man, after the tumults and atrocities of the last century, is not explained.

My two cents

A few years back,  some guy on YouTube suggested that I should refer to Humanist Manifesto II (instead of the original manifesto) in one of my posts. Upon further review, the second manifesto is just as lame.

Quote source

Duigon, L. (2006). The Humanist Manifesto II, An Atheist Faith Statement. Chalcedon Foundation. Available Last accessed 18th Sep 2016.


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