The only proper role for government in education

In a free country, parents would choose the when, where, whether and how of the educating of their own children. They would not have a mandate from a government that chooses the curriculum and sets the standards. Likewise, in a free country, those individuals, to whom God has given the gift of being educators, would be free to educate with all of their intellect, ability and God-given gifting according to their own conscience. No education bureaucracy would tell them how to teach. In a truly free country, the education of children would be determined exclusively by parents and those educators whose assistance parents might choose to employ.

As the framers of the United States Constitution understood, government does have a role to play in creating an atmosphere in which the general population can fare well, or as they put it, to “promote the general welfare.” To that end, government does have a role to play in encouraging education and creating an atmosphere in which it can flourish, understanding that freedom is the atmosphere in which education will flourish best.

Government’s greatest responsibility with regard to education is that of preserving the sovereignty of the family unit and protecting the God-given right and responsibility of parents to exercise exclusive jurisdiction where the education of their children is concerned. Beyond this, the only proper role for government in the field of education is to ensure that there is freedom of choice and competition in the marketplace of ideas.

When government creates an atmosphere that sets education free to flourish, there is liberty. When government mandates education, dictates the curriculum, controls the infrastructure, requires the general population to fund the system and compels parents to have their children taught according to the government prescribed standards, then there is tyranny.

Quote source

Peck, R. W. (2016). Education: Set it Free. Conservative News and Views. Available Last accessed 19th Aug 2016.


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