Hitting back at those who exclude religion

One newspaper reviewer paid a real tribute to the substantial character of the work that [Anthony] Comstock had done [against obscenity, abortion, contraception, and gambling], but said that it was a glaring pity that his biographer had not dealt with the man and his work in a common sense way, instead of mixing the whole thing up with the religious views of Mr. Comstock—as though religion had had anything to do with the real results that this practical man had accomplished!

The biography, the critic felt, would have had much greater value if religion had been left out and the “real” and tangible facts alone had been set before the reader in an unprejudiced and normal way.

This critic of Comstock’s old-fashioned views did not realize that “if religion had been left out” there would have been no biography to write, no work to record. For the story of Mr. Comstock’s life is supernatural from beginning to end. He was a practical man because he was a religious man—a Christian.

Quote source

Trumbull, C. in Dix, S., ed. (2013). Outlawed! How Anthony Comstock Fought & Won the Purity of a Nation [ebook]. Location 2444-50


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