An illuminating view of agnosticism

The infidelity of today [away from God] is weak, because it asserts that it cannot know God. Agnosticism is really infidelity with a fool’s cap on. It has given up the battle and stands before the world as an ignoramus in all matters that pertain to God. It is wicked, as proved by this ethical code of its advocates.

In its best form it is moral deformity covered with mental finery. It is a poisonous vine, with gaudy flowers, whose odor is death. It is a vampire bat which sucks the life blood from its victim, while it fans him with the wings of melodious words. It is Epicureanism after it has been rotting for 2,000 years.

Quote source

Trumbull, C. in Dix, S., ed. (2013). Outlawed! How Anthony Comstock Fought & Won the Purity of a Nation [ebook]. Location 1441-45


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