Donald Prothero proven wrong by Ken Ham

According to the award-winning evolutionist Donald Prothero:

So the strange saga of the Ark Park [i.e. the Ark Encounter Christian theme park] continues. Back when it was launched, grandiose and extravagant promises were made, and they set and bragged about impossible fundraising goals…

Now the groundbreaking has been postponed indefinitely—and it looks like it will never happen at all…

I’m sure the con man [Ken] Ham will continue to lead people on, but since his junk bonds have no guarantees, all the investors will be stuck with nothing. However, if he does have a lot of his financing tied to mortgaging his Creation “Museum,” it could bring the whole house of cards crashing down.

Whatever the true financial strength of Answers in Genesis, the Ark Park is dead in the water and sinking fast.

But Prothero was proven wrong; here’s the evidence from Ken Ham:

After months of anticipation and years of planning, it’s hard to believe this day is actually here. July 7, 2016, is a historic day—the Ark Encounter is finally open to the public in Northern Kentucky! We couldn’t be more excited to share this architectural and engineering marvel with the world.

I believe this project will be one of the greatest evangelistic outreaches of our day. Millions of people—many of them unbelievers or unchurched Christians—will come to Northern Kentucky to tour this family-friendly, Christian attraction where they will learn about Noah, his family, the animals, the Ark, the Flood, and most importantly, the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are excited to see how God uses this project to make an impact for eternity.

Quote sources

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  2. Ham, K. (2016). Ark Encounter Opens to the Public! Ken Ham Blog. Available Last accessed 9th Jul 2016.

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