War between civil orders and Christ’s kingdom

Because the state sees itself as the overlord for all within the territory of the state, it grows increasingly intolerant of any divergent element, especially one which insists on a transcendental order. The true Christian must insist on the crown rights of Christ the King; he believes in God’s law; he recognizes the necessity of obeying and pleasing God, not man, and he moves in terms of his calling from God. He has what the modern state detests, a dual citizenship in the local state and in the Kingdom of God; in that dual citizenship, God’s kingdom has priority and must govern over the local realm.

There is thus a state of war between modern civil orders and Christ’s kingdom. Those who refuse to recognize that war will become the first victims of it.

Quote source

Rushdoony, R.J. (1986). Christianity and the State. Ross House Books, Vallecito, pp. 167-168


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