The problem of evil—and the Biblical response to it

I too have suffered, not always justly: is God unjust because I suffer? Is the purpose of God evil because Job is stripped of all his possessions and his family? What is the purpose of creation, what is the standard whereby all things are to be judged, what is the yardstick, the rule of all things?

Not Job but the Lord is the yardstick. And the only yardstick by which things in heaven and earth can be judged is the Lord and His purpose, the ontological trinity, the Sovereign God in Himself. Thus what God required of Job was that he recognize His sovereignty in every respect, recognize that the only standard for judging his own personal life and his own problems was not in terms of himself but in terms of the sovereignty of God, in terms of the Triune God in Himself.

Job could not declare of any event in the course of his life that this thing was wrong because it impressed and affected him adversely, since all events in the life of Job could only be judged in terms of one standard, the purpose of the sovereign God. When Job acknowledged these things to be true, the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than the former.

Quote source

Rushdoony, R.J. (1959). By What Standard? An Analysis of the Philosophy of Cornelius Van Til. The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, Philadelphia, p. 198


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