Atheistic misconceptions of theistic evidence

As reported by John Burger:

In a twist that would have been unthinkable five decades ago, a man in Russia could go to jail for blogging that God does not exist.

Ironically, Viktor Krasnov’s day in court was to be Tuesday [April 12], which was the 55th anniversary of the historic space flight of [Christian] Cosmonaut Yuri Gargarin. Soviet [atheist] leader Nikita Khrushchev later said in a speech that Gargarin found no evidence of God while orbiting Earth

But that’s not so much as effective reasoning than a politically charged quip from an atheist politician. This next quote puts things into perspective:

Since God is Spirit, then His image can only be that which is also spirit; since God is not matter, His image cannot be imparted to matter, which is regarded at best as a mere production of God and hence alien to Him in a sense which spirit cannot be.

Quote sources

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