Games played by atheists: the omnipotence paradox

You might be a fundamentalist atheist if:

6. You think questions like, “Can God create a rock so big that He cannot lift it?” and, “Can God will Himself out of existence?” are perfect examples of how to disprove God’s omnipotence and ultimately how to disprove God. When someone proves to you the false logic behind the questions (i.e. pitting God’s omnipotence against itself), you desperately try to defend the questions, but then give up and go to a different Christian site to ask them.

Quote source

GakuesiDon (n.d.). You Might be a Fundamentalist Atheist if…Available Last accessed 25 Apr 2016.


5 thoughts on “Games played by atheists: the omnipotence paradox

  1. The only question I ever ask Theists is if you believe your god “just is” why is it so crazy to you that some believe the universe just is? It tends to stop them pretty quickly. Plus I’m not insulting or in any way implying that their beliefs are false, I’m simply stating that mine make ATLEAST as much sense as theirs does.

    1. With your questioning of the theists, are your reported outcomes supported by the peer-reviewed scientific literature, or am I to accept your claims on faith?

      Second, do your fellow atheists agree that theism and atheism and theism are as sensical as each other? What about the positions of AlterNet, RationalWiki, and Richard Dawkins?

      Third, is it rational to believe that the universe just is?

      1. The ONLY thing “fellow atheists” agree on is that we share a common lack of a belief. That’s it. Secondly, my question isn’t an argument nor a debate, its simply a response to theists when they TRY to argue or debate. Its my way of saying if you believe this, its really not as insane for me to believe this. Im in no way obligated to explain my beliefs or where they come from but yes, part of that is research; other parts are different beliefs that are not associated with my atheism but did lead me to the title. I refuse to play the “my perspective is better or more correct”.

      2. Despite your comments, I feel that your original claim isn’t really convincing, but rather more of a half-truth. It glosses over the distinction between hard and soft atheism—which make disagreeing claims about beliefs in gods. Hard atheists are atheists alright, but they do not have a “lack of a belief” in gods.

        This is reflected in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (in their respective articles on atheism). Both pieces begin with the notion of god-denial, so lack of a belief is not the only common ground among atheists (as you claim).

        Now to the other recollection, when you asked others “why is it so crazy that to you [theists] that some believe the universe just is?”

        Am I to believe this question has no bearing on debate or argument? That style of questioning is basically priming the discussion into a debate! It’s not merely a “response” (that would be another half-truth).

        By labelling other people’s expressions as a “game”, that’s a cynical and dismissive treatment of those whose beliefs are (supposedly) as valid as yours.

        In remarking on how quickly you silence people, you’re implying that you’ve willingly joined the game—with an adversarial rather than inquisitive goal—and then won it. What’s more, this behaviour is repeated with others. That’s a strange way of avoiding debate.

        If you are sincere about avoidance, it follows that you would limit your utterances to your own position (or say nothing at all)—but that’s not what you’ve done.

      3. I’ve clearly misread your reply, to be fair I had just woken up(lesson learned, don’t try to socialize first thing in the morning) still my point remains the same. The question isn’t intended to get a response that requires any research as I’m not asking them about their beliefs. Its simply to end the game of “my ways, beliefs, and perspectives Are better than yours” and if they felt the need to answer it with an explanation of the sorts you said it wouldn’t be a very effective question.

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