Humans trump animals (no matter their origins)

In the biblical view of creation, the needs of human beings surpass the needs of any other creature or plant…

There is also a great deal of inconsistency in the “equality of rights” position advocated by environmentalists and conservationists. They do not appear to realize that their view of nature as a beautiful and harmonious utopia apart from the interference of mankind, bares no resemblance to actual reality. As Tennyson described it in his poem In Memoriam, nature is “red in tooth and claw”—a place where one creature tears another apart or eats another alive.

If human beings are just another animal species, they would be entitled to act in the same way that many other animal species act—by hunting other species for no other reason than to ensure their own survival. Indeed, if human beings were no better than lions or leopards, then an individual human being would have as much right to the fur of a mink as a lion has to the flesh of a gazelle.

Quote source

Kulikovsky, A. (2009). Creation, preservation and dominion: part 2. Creation Ministries International. Available Last accessed 25th Apr 2016.


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