The home is for blessed (and bustling) growth

When it comes to the controversy over college grads wanting to stay home and have babies, I have had to laugh at some of the assertions made by the other side (that these women are not really saying what they said or can’t really mean it), and I have had to shake my head at some of the conclusions drawn by feminists…

When I see things like the survey of college coeds, I am encouraged to know that a generation of daycare babies and latchkey kids are deciding they won’t do the same thing to their children. I hope they stick to their guns in the face of feminist ridicule and increasing cultural rejection of the home as “invisible” and therefore unrewarding, unchallenging, and backwards.

Anyone who would assert such a thing has never lived in a busy household with five children of varying ages who adore reading, love to learn new things, and keep their parents constantly on their toes. Anyone who would claim the home is a stifling atmosphere where women wither on the vine has never grown up in a hospitable house where people are invited in constantly, cramming the place to the ceiling with lively conversation, heartfelt confession, real forgiveness, and constant opportunities for growth and learning.

Quote source

Chancey, J. (2005). “Meanwhile, back at the ranch…”. Ladies Against Feminism. Available Last accessed 25th Apr 2016.


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