No excuses for blasphemy

I always hate it when people utter a certain three-word expression, with the initials of OMG. Half an hour ago, I came across this commentary from John Calvin, on Leviticus 24:11-14:

This circumstance is also worthy of remark, that, although the blasphemy had escaped him in a quarrel, punishment was still inflicted upon him; and assuredly it is a frivolous subterfuge to require that blasphemies should be pardoned on the ground that they have been uttered in anger; for nothing is more intolerable than that our wrath should vent itself upon God, when we are angry with one of our fellow-creatures.

Still it is usual, when a person is accused of blasphemy, to lay the blame on the ebullition of passion, as if God were to endure the penalty whenever we are provoked.

Quote source

Calvin, J. (n.d.) Harmony of the Law, Volume 4. Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Available Last accessed 20th Apr 2016.


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