Intelligence that escapes Talk.Origins

The next day [Phillip] Johnson spoke to the four hundred students in [Will] Provine’s evolutionary biology class for non-majors [at Cornell University]. All the students had read his book [Darwin on Trial] and so Johnson spent most of the time answering questions. At first the questions seemed mainly to come from the sort of person who gets his information from the Usenet Group Talk.Origins…

“What sort of thing is life?” asked Johnson. “An artifact of intelligence, or a natural phenomenon?” Those impressed with the findings of modern science, including the Talk.Origins crowd, and a few Christian scientists, had already decided this issue, and wanted to talk about the age of the earth and miracles. Johnson kept pressing the point that intelligence coming from intelligence was no miracle. His skeptical interlocutors simply did not know what to say…

One graduate student left murmuring that theism was possible after all, and arguing with his own kind against their intolerance. Johnson’s infectious questioning had found another carrier.

Quote source

Reynolds, J.M. (1995) Que Res Vitas? Phil Johnson Takes His Case to the East. Available Last accessed 14 Mar 2016.


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