Evolutionists repeating the same shaky arguments

[Evolutionist Michael] Shermer dragged out the vestigial organs [argument for evolution] citing human appendix, tail bone, male nipples and wings on flightless birds as examples that evolution had no need of. I don’t know where he has been but it is known from science that the appendix is part of the immune system, strategically located at the entrance of the almost sterile ileum from the colon with its normally high bacterial content. Recent research shows that it’s a safe house for bacteria so the colon can be repopulated with beneficial bacteria after dysentery has cleared them out. The tonsils have a similar immune function in the entrance to the pharynx.

In a recent article in New Scientist, Laura Spinney discusses the ‘vestigial organs’ notion, and claims that it is still a viable concept despite having taken such a battering at the hands of modern medical science. She notes that ‘these days many biologists are extremely wary of talking about vestigial organs at all’.

Spinney reflects that this ‘may be because the subject has become a battlefield for creationists and the intelligent design lobby … .’

It was indeed a battlefield—a battlefield long won by biblical creationists, which is why we’re seeing the current attempted fight back by the skeptics.

Quote source

Hartnett, J. (2016). Skeptic Shermer Resorts to Ridicule Because the Science Is Weak. Bible Science Forum. Available http://biblescienceforum.com/2016/01/30/skeptic-shermer-resorts-to-ridicule-because-the-science-is-weak/. Last accessed 14 Mar 2016.


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