The career woman versus the keeper at home

Every parent knows it’s tough getting kids to eat their greens. Even UK food writer Rose Prince claims to have been “quite undone by feeding children”, noting how easy it was for her mother, “a housewife in the classic sense”, to produce delicious from-scratch meals and keep a close watch on between-meal-snacking. By contrast, her own children “make toast and rampage through the biscuit supply as soon as they are sure I’m in my office working… The children of busy parents soon discover that you are too tired to argue”…

Public money has been thrown at obesity prevention, but there’s one thing successive governments haven’t even thought of: protecting the traditional family structure through support for marriage and stay-at-home mums. If it was thought of, it was no doubt shouted down by liberal ‘progressives’ keen to replace the family unit with the nanny state, by getting women out of the home and kids into daycare.

Quote source

Keynes, L. (2015). How to Slim Down Super-sized Kids. Family Edge. Available Last accessed 31st Dec 2015.


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