Note to pastors: peace if possible, truth at all costs

Sadly there are far too many pastors and church leaders who fully adhere to these unwritten rules. Their number one priority is to please people, to be liked by the crowds, and to keep everyone happy and docile. They will go to great lengths to avoid any and all controversies—even biblical ones. Their business is to placate the crowds and amuse the masses. They are in the business of men-pleasing.

Sure, they may not even be aware that this is in fact what they are doing. They may think they are being “peace-keepers” or working for “unity” or trying to just get along. But when the truth of God is at stake, we must speak out, even at the risk of breaking fellowship, losing some unity, and offending some folks.

As Martin Luther once put it, “Peace if possible, truth at all costs.” Yet far too often truth is sacrificed in order to placate and appease the masses.

Quote source

Muehlenberg, B. (2013). Keeping the Masses Happy (While Keeping God Unhappy). CultureWatch. Available Last accessed 31st Dec 2015.


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