The Nativity empowers people against atheist groups

After an atheist group forced one Minnesota city to take down its Nativity scene, residents took matters into their own hands, blanketing the town with nativity scenes in response…

Other folks began to buy and put up Nativity scenes on their yards and in their shop windows. Hundreds of them. There are four sets in a craft store window,  three at a local café, two at the local bookstore. Some stores painted their display windows with the Nativity scene.

Wadena resident Dani Sworski started a Facebook page filled with pictures of the manger scenes all over town. “Let’s shower the town with Nativity scenes, let’s share our faith!” she declared.

Minneapolis’s Star Tribune reports, “Holy families are starting to outnumber the 4,000 residents of this central Minnesota railroad town.”

“The whole community has come out to support this,” An Open Book bookstore owner Gillette Kempf said. “It’s an expression of who we are as a community and what we believe. We believe in the Nativity.”

Quote source

Hodges, M. (2015). Atheists Force Minnesota Town to Pull Nativity Scene: Residents’ Response is Epic. LifeSiteNews. Available Last accessed 25th Dec 2015.


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