Restoring the Old Testament to parity with the New

Dr. Michael J. McVicar has written the first major scholarly work on the history of Christian Reconstruction, unraveling the complexities of the impact made upon our culture by the work of R. J. Rushdoony…

His new book appears to make nods towards its non- and anti-Reconstructionist constituency, being marketed as a tool to warn the unwary about a shadowy figure (the terms “rogue’s gallery” and “shadowy and amorphous network” appear twice; Rushdoony is a “crafty bootstrapper” seeking to “insulate his activities from taxation”; the perversity of the modern state is essentially in the imagination of Rushdoony and other conservatives; the “notoriety” of Rushdoony and/or his writings is front-and-center, etc.)…

When Dr. McVicar refers to Rushdoony’s “emphasis on the Old Testament over the New Testament,” he fails to understand that Christian Reconstruction is restoring the Old Testament to parity with the New rather than retiring it as the Word of God Emeritus.

Quote source

Selbrede, M. (2015). First Major Book About R. J. Rushdoony. Chalcedon Foundation. Available Last accessed 24th Dec 2015.


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