Homeschoolers supporting one another

This past Saturday I participated in a homeschool forum in a nearby county. There homeschooling moms and dads spent four hours displaying textbooks and other curriculum choices they’ve used so they could help other families make decisions for the following school year, and answering questions about particular subjects. Unlike homeschooling conventions, there were no sales or sales pitches. The sole purpose of this gathering was for Christian homeschooling families to help one another by means of encouragement and sharing information. A number of visitors were present who were just “checking out” what this homeschooling business was all about…

I participated in a question and answer session over lunch. As I gazed at the faces of those in attendance, I realized just how “dangerous” a bunch we homeschoolers are! The major threat we pose to the humanistic secularism of our day is that we realize how precious a gift the fruit of the womb is—the reward we’ve been given—and we are actively obedient to the Giver of this gift by raising and training our children according to His holy directions.

Quote source

Schwartz, A. (2008). The Homeschool Life: Discovering God’s Way to Family-Based Education [ebook]. Chalcedon/Ross House Books, Vallecito. Location 229 of 1592


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