When the creationist model beat the evolutionist model

According to James M. McGrath of Patheos:

On the other hand, if young-earth creationism were true, then the methods that mainstream oil prospectors use to find oil, based on an old earth and processes that young-earth creationists dismiss as “uniformitarian,” ought to be fundamentally flawed. If YECs had a better perspective, then they ought to be better at finding oil. And if they were, then they wouldn’t need the tax breaks. They could promote their Christian equivalent of Wahabism the same way the Saudis have, on the basis of oil-generated wealth.

But according to Creation Ministries International:

[Evolutionist and geologist Ian] Plimer criticizes creationism by saying that ‘the creationist model for our planet has yielded nothing’.

Firstly, mining companies generally have yet to experiment, as some creationist geologists and geophysicists have proposed, to see whether their rate of success in oil and mineral exploration would be increased using a creation/Flood model. In one instance a company in Canada did, and oil was found where the evolutionary geology model had failed.

Secondly, it could be argued strongly that the evolution model for our planet has yielded nothing. None of the practical discoveries depend upon the model of long ages. Stratigraphic correlation to find oil and mineral deposits more easily, etc. certainly utilizes the existence of particular suites of fossils as a characteristic of certain rock layers, but the (relative) success, of itself, makes no comment as to whether those fossils are there because of ecological factors, hydrodynamic factors, or whether they are separated from each other by alleged millions of years.

Quote sources

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