Undermining Genesis undermines the Gospels

Let’s ask: what usually happens when the plain meaning of the Bible, the written Word of the all-knowing and truthful God who was there, disagrees with the theories of some fallible scientists who weren’t there (cf. Job 38:4) and who are usually strongly anti-Christian? It is always Scripture that is ‘re-interpreted’ to fit in with man’s wisdom. But God’s word never changes, while it is hard to find a five-year-old science textbook that is not outdated!

Any reinterpretation of Genesis that departs from the plain meaning has dire consequences for the Gospel. The apostle Paul points out that the reason Christ came to die was the sin of the first man, Adam, which brought death into the world. 1 Cor. 15:21–22 contrasts the historical Christ, who was physically resurrected from the dead, with the historical Adam, who brought physical (as well as spiritual) death. The whole meaning of redemption presupposes a historical Fall of a historical Adam!

Quote source

Sarfati, J. (1998). The Skeptics and their ‘Churchian’ Allies, Creation Ministries International. Available http://creation.com/the-skeptics-and-their-churchian-allies. Last accessed 30th Nov 2015.


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