When evolutionists believe in evolution anyway

On Nov 27, 2007, in front of a packed house, CMI’s Dr. Robert Carter [a Christian] debated Mr. Rick Pierson [an evolutionist] in Dothan, Alabama, on the subject “Do Humans Have an Evolutionary Origin?”…

Pierson started by listing what he considered the eight best evidences for human evolutionary origins…His second argument was that of the reputed fusion of two ancestral chimp chromosomes to produce human chromosome 2…

Carter went on to discuss the fusion hypothesis for the origin of human chromosome 2. There is a diversity of opinion within the creationist community about whether or not it actually happened, yet it proves nothing for the evolutionist.

They claim common descent because one of our chromosomes looks like two of the ape chromosomes. But they would also claim common descent if we had the exact same number of chromosomes.

Quote source

Creation Ministries International (2009). The Great Dothan Debate
Do Humans Have an Evolutionary Origin?
 Available http://creation.com/the-great-dothan-debate. Last accessed 5th Sep 2015.


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