Pro-lifers defeating Obama’s sinful policies

March for Life, the organizers of the largest pro-life event in the U.S., won a historic victory Monday when a federal judge stopped the Obama administration from forcing the group to pay for drugs that could cause an abortion.

The lawsuit, March for Life v. Burwell, was filed in July of 2014 through the Alliance Defending Freedom after the healthcare mandate forced non-religious employers to provide coverage for contraception, including drugs that could induce an abortion, and planned to financially penalize any who didn’t…

While many para-church organizations are suing the Obama administration over the mandate, the March for Life case tests whether a secular organization should be exempt from the mandate when it holds moral objections.

Judge Richard J. Leon of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that objections to contraception are “not confined to religiously affiliated employers.”

Quote source

Distant, D. (2015). Forcing March for Life to Pay for Abortifacients Makes ‘No Sense Whatsoever,’ Judge Tells Obama Admin. The Christian Post. Available Last accessed 5th Sep 2015.


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