Some universities don’t like evolution being questioned

Slaughter of the Dissidents [a book by Jerry Bergman] gives a detailed report on the educational establishment’s efforts to insulate evolutionary theory and philosophical naturalism from critical assessment. It describes the suppression of critical views, and the victimisation of dissenting teachers and pupils in schools, and students and faculty in universities…

Cases range from the puerile to the criminal. An example of the first involves a professor who got his students to read two articles critical of aspects of evolution from the well established Journal of Theoretical Biology. He was reassigned to the History of Science Department, and the college even cancelled its subscription of the journal, although it is hardly a creationist publication.

Quote source

To, L. (2009). If you can’t beat them, ban them: A review of Slaughter of the Dissidents by Jerry Bergman. Available Last accessed 31st Aug 2015.


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