Atheists made conclusions first—then looked for proof

The following was said about Wilfred Elders:

Elders, a former chairman of the Education Committee of the Geothermal Resources Council of the U.S.A., said young-Earth creationists make a fundamental error: They start with their conclusion—that God created the Earth in six days—and then look for the proof. Scientists, on the other hand, “observe the natural world and follow those observations wherever they lead.”

But the following was said by Freeman Dyson, in his book about abiogenesis:

Dyson concluded that [atheistic biochemist Alexandr] Oparin’s theory [of abiogenesis] was ‘generally accepted by biologists for half a century’ but that it ‘was popular not because there was any evidence to support it but rather because it seemed to be the only alternative to biblical creationism.’

Quote sources

  1. Elders, W. cited in Johnson, M.A. (2005). The Stirring on the Mount: St. Helens Used in Drive to Prove Biblical Creation with Science. NBC News. Available Last accessed 15th Aug 2015.
  2.  Bergman, J. (2002). “Why the Miller–Urey Research Argues Against Abiogenesis” in Journal of Creation. Vol. 18(2).

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