Pulling out the weeds of feminist cliches

Most women are far more concerned with keeping the floor under their feet than smashing glass ceilings, the latter being predominantly the concern of a tiny minority of western middle-class women.

The UK seems to be leading the field when it comes to media feminism—it’s notable that the greatest number of IWD [International Women’s Day] events are taking place here—and yet a recent study has reported that middle-class British women are leaving the workplace in droves.

Far from this being an economic decision, most respondents stated that money was not a factor; they simply preferred not to pay a stranger to bring up their child.

Quote source

Farrow, C. (2014). Equal but different: what the UN and feminism still don’t get. MercatorNet. Available https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/equal-but-different-what-the-un-and-feminism-still-dont-get. Last accessed 15th Aug 2015.


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