When Christians observed the errors of skeptics

Mike Riddle recalled this exchange when presenting on creation at a secular university:

So finally, a student had a Bible there—not a Christian—and he read where people [were] living to be 900 years old, right from the Bible. And he said, “do you believe people really lived to be 900 years old?”…

And my response kind of stopped him for just a moment. And my response was, “yes, don’t you?”

A very simple answer, wasn’t it? And he responded, after it kind of dawned on him…

He said, “well no!” And I asked him, “well, why not?”

See, what I’m doing is not giving the evidence, I’m getting to the root of why he made that statement. That’s where you gotta get to. Why did they believe what they believe? If you pull that out, the evidence is a non-issue…

He said that “that’s never been observed!”

He just lost the argument, folks, because my next question was, “do you believe that life originated by naturalistic processes?”

He said, “yes.”

“May I ask, have you ever observed that?”

He knew he just got caught in his own contradiction, didn’t he? I showed him his worldview was inconsistent.

Quote Source

Riddle, M. (2015). Christian Education, Pass or Fail? Available https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m5PIOLro8M. Last accessed 8th Aug 2015.


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