Old earth geology unable to interpret the data correctly

Enlightenment geology quickly developed as a pioneering science [in the 18th century]. Its vast prehistory ‘disproved’ Genesis, and widespread doubt about the Bible was confirmed by Darwin’s theory […]

Some of the problems in stratigraphy come from a desire to correlate [rock] layers using assumptions that cannot be proven. Any correlation based on age, which usually assumes evolution, is going to be much less certain than direct physical observation, either in outcrops or in an adequately spaced grid of subsurface well logs or seismic data.

A significant problem with correlation is that most people—even geologists—do not understand how tricky it is. Most geologists have never seen the study of [E.J.] Zeller. He wanted to test stratigraphic methods and so created several random geologic columns.

He sent these to different geologists who all correlated them with great confidence…but all differently. When they realized what had happened,  they complained that they had been tricked; to which Zeller responded that nature is trickier.

Quote source

Reed, J.K. (2013). Rocks Aren’t Clocks: A Critique of the Geologic Timescale. Creation Book Publishers, Powder Springs, pp. 17, 41-42.


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