The selective exploitation of death for political gain

That Savita [Halapannavar] has been claimed as an abortion rights martyr by pro choicers eager to make inroads into Ireland’s abortion laws is simply repulsive to me. The protest they held outside the Irish embassy in London would have looked a damned sight more sincere were it not for their deafening silence over the death by post abortion sepsis of Jessie Maye Barlow. Or that of 18 year old Manon Jones.

In London alone, more than 100 mothers have died in childbirth over the last five years. That’s more than 100 mothers who died in our capital city, none of whom were honoured by a single candle lit vigil outside an embassy, or Parliament, or the Department of Health as far as I’m aware.

Quote source

Clare (2012). An Update to my Last Post on Maternal Death. Battlements of Rubies. Available Last accessed 11th Jul 2015.


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