Secularism isn’t needed for economic development

According to the Secular Party of Australia:

There is certainly much to be recommended in secularism. It does indeed promote economic progress as well as democracy – in fact it necessary for both. This was well recognised by [past President Mustafa] Ataturk, who firmly entrenched secularism in Turkey for these very reasons.

Untrue. It’s not like economic development never happened before the programs of Ataturk or the invention of secularism. David Chilton explains how:

Again, we should note that the most important factor in [economic] development has been Christianity. Where the people have established the godly basis for progress, in personal lives, social mores, and political freedoms, development will occur without government programs. If the people are not morally capable of progress, no amount of aid will produce it. Economic development requires a great deal more than money – a fact which is ignored by materialistic socialists.

The Puritans progressed because of ethics, not grants.

A stagnant culture needs the conditions which favor development, and money is the least of its worries. As [P.T.] Bauer says, “If all conditions for development other than capital are present, capital will soon be generated locally,” or will be available on loan from the outside.

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